Anti Climb Fence

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Anti-Climb Fence

Our range of anti-climb fences features welded mesh panels that are built to ensure maximum security while still allowing for excellent see-through visibility.

Our anti-climb fence panels come with a finger and toe-proof profile, and the spacing between the wires is 75mm x 12.5mm, making it incredibly difficult for anyone to scale or cut through the fence to gain access to your property. Whether you need to secure residential, commercial, industrial, or governmental property, our anti-climb fences are the perfect solution for your needs.

Thanks to the exceptional see-through visibility that our anti theft fence panels offer, they are the ideal choice for use in areas where CCTV cameras are in operation. You can rest assured that your property is well-protected without sacrificing your ability to monitor what’s happening on the other side of the fence. Combining these fences with our barbed wire in Malaysia, would maximize your compound’s security from potential suspects.

Furthermore, our anti-climb fence panels are hot-dip galvanized to ensure maximum durability and resistance to rust. Unlike many other mild steel fences, our anti-climb fences require very little maintenance, providing you with peace of mind for many years to come. Unlike our anti-climb fence, we also stock galvanized fencing for those who need robust security fencing without the extra costs.

Choose us as your anti-climb fences supplier in Malaysia where you can enjoy unbeatable security without sacrificing visibility. Contact us for a quotation now!

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