Flat Fence

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FLAT FENCE is also known as HIGH SECURITY FENCE . With wire thickness of 4mm and spacing of 25mm x 75mm, FLAT FENCE is very strong that it cannot be bended or cut so easily. Hence, it also helps prevent anyone from easily climbing over the fence to reach the protected area.

With excellent see through visibility, FLAT FENCE / HIGH SECURITY FENCE is ideal to be installed in areas where CCTV is in operation. It is also very suitable to use on commercial, residential, governmental and industrial properties where you can enjoy the ultimate security without compromising with the visibility.

The high quality galvanising coating gives FLAT FENCE / HIGH SECURITY FENCE users a worry free mind. This is because unlike many other mild steel fences, FLAT FENCE / HIGH SECURITY FENCE is hot dipped galvanised and does not get rusted easily in a short period of time. As a result, maintenance free gives the user a calm mind.

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