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As an established security fence supplier in Malaysia, we offer the highest quality of galvanized fences. With a contemporary look, our security fence is fashioned to provide maximum protection and peace of mind for your property.

Our security fence is equipped with a triangular roll on both the top and bottom, which augments its durability and sturdiness. With a wire thickness of 5mm and spacing of 50mm x 150mm, our security fence is immensely strong and resistant to any attempts of bending or cutting, thereby deterring any potential unauthorized access.

Furthermore, our security fence is structured to provide exceptional see-through visibility, thus rendering it the ideal selection for installation in regions that are under surveillance through CCTV cameras. This makes it an exceptional option for commercial, residential, governmental, and industrial properties that requires maximum security without compromising the visibility aspect. For added security, you can also install barbed wires on top of these BRC fences to increase the effectiveness of preventing any potential trespasses.

Our galvanizing coating is of the utmost quality, ensuring that our BRC fence is hot dipped galvanized and highly resilient to rust. Consequently, our BRC fence requires little to no maintenance, providing you with an untroubled state of mind for years to come. If you are more concerned about deterring trespassers from your compound, check out our popular anti climb fence instead.

Select us as your galvanized BRC security fence supplier in Malaysia, and revel in the pinnacle of security without compromising style or visibility. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our products and services!

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