V Pressed Fence

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V PRESSED FENCE is also known as V SERIES FENCE / V SHAPED FENCE. This fence is designed to have a V shape pressed in the middle of the fence make it solid and tough. V SERIES FENCE / V SHAPED FENCE is very strong that it cannot be bended or cut easily. Hence, it prevents anyone from easily climbing over the fence to reach the protected area.

The high quality galvanising coating gives V PRESSED FENCE / V SERIES FENCE / V SHAPED FENCE users a worry free mind. This is because unlike many other mild steel fences, it is hot dipped galvanised and does not get rusted easily in a short period of time. As a result, low maintenance or maintenance free for a very long period gives the users a calm mind.

V PRESSED FENCE also comes in Powder Coated. You can simply add your desired colour to make the fence special and exceptional from others.

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